The BULLETS is a fiercely  fascinating,  character-driven drama thriller that revolves around two strong female characters.

MARI SAARI is an exceptionally gifted undercover cop who has to get close to MADINA  who  has travelled to Finland for her final mission.

“We will take the audience behind the political curtains between East and West. We are living in turbulent times, and far-off Finland happens to have a very central position in this complexity.” producer Minna Virtanen says.

“Every character in the series hides their true self in order to survive, but what happens when the assumed identities start to take over?” asks screenwriter Antti Pesonen.


Drama Thriller  10 x 45 min.


Minna Virtanen, Antti Pesonen


Antti Pesonen, Matti Laine, Kirsi Vikman


Pete Riski, Antti J. Jokinen



Krista Kosonen, Sibel Kekilli, Tommi Korpela

Co Producers

Peter Nadermann, Nadcon Film

Thomas Disch, Nadcon Film

Jan De Clercq, Lunanime


Sky Vision, Elisa Viihde, MTV3