A Good Family (Musta valo)

Production 2022

Anna and Henrik are thrust into a dangerous underworld when their son brings a heinous crime to their doorstep. Parental instincts quickly overcome morality as the couple does everything in their power to protect their family and their future.

The series stars Maria Sid as Anna Valli, who is determined to save her family from the dangerous man she once loved. Samuli Edelmann as Henrik Valli learns to think, lie and betray like a criminal as he tries to keep his son’s crime from his detective wife and to protect his family. Tommi Korpela as Lefa wants Anna to find his son, at whatever cost. Elias Salonen as Niko wants another chance.

A GOOD FAMILY was released on December 8th 2022 in Finland. The series performs extremely well on C More. All time second best viewing results.


Drama thriller 6 x 42 min.

Written by

Antti Pesonen

Television Story by

Antti Pesonen

Minna Virtanen

Directed by

Pete Riski








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Based on the novel Musta Valo by Petri Karra