“Selected to the Series Mania in 2018”


LAYLA is a six-part TV series based on  Jari Tervo´s literary sensation ”Layla”.


Layla is a 16-year old girl living in a Kurdish ghetto in Berlin. She runs away on her wedding day. On the streets of Berlin Layla meets 17-year old Tamara, who is also on a run.Together the girls plan a journey to the strange and magical land called Finland, where Layla hopes to be reunited with her big sister.

LAYLA was selected to the Series Mania Co-Production Pitching Session in 2018.


Adventure, Drama, Thriller

6 x 45 min.


Antti Pesonen


Karzan Kader

Based on

LAYLA (2011 WSOY) by Jari Tervo


Co producers

Sagafilm, Nadcon FILM


Lagardère Studios


Series Mania Co-Production pitching forum  2.-5.5.2018 in Lille